I have to make a poster for this event at my work and idk why my boss thought that was a good idea like I am not a big art kid I can not draw or use photoshop very well

i wish i liked more of the laneway lineup because 14 year old me has been waiting for this opportunity for years

i miss holding hands and not saying anything sooo much i hate groups of people

i don’t really like not saying anything. i want to contribute but i get so stuck listening to what everyone else has to say and trying to think of something to say and also little groups are great for me most of the time but sometimes just not in the mood but tbh me + 3 other people is perfect number

i want to hang out with all these cool and nice people in very small groups so i am not shy and i say things and it is really fun and cool and they’re all like oh yeah courtney is definitely as cool and nice as us

adore1996 replied to your post “i feel like you hate me but ive done literally nothing to you??”

its me

oh no yeah i do hate you for no reason not sorry bro

i feel like you hate me but ive done literally nothing to you??

i have no idea who you are??? i don’t really hate very many people at all tho, so you’re probably wrong. i’m all about the love, homie. is there something in particular that made you think that? because, truly, i will do my best to amend it, if i think i need to.

Me: *living maybe the dream*

Listen to 2am at 2am when u drunk I s maybe the dream??

4,547 plays

I can’t remember the last time I had this much free time and no plans for it and it’s great and I’m drunk and It’s raining the. Perfect kind if rain and I’m gonna go take a shower and listen to 2am